Hi, I’m Ken

My master and colleagues have a Slade Czech saddler’s workshop. They sew dog collars, leashes and harnesses. I already have several of them. Are you also a Staffie? Buy a collar made of quality cowhide with legendary Staffordshire style metal finishing.


  • Saddlers hand-sew triple-layer cowhide. Choose from 7 colours of leather. Dog ladies, these are also suitable for you!
  • Collars are decorated with our symbol – the legendary Staffordshire Knot. Saddlers complement it with snazzy metal work in chrome and brass. My doggie friends all over the world also enjoy this quality manufacture.
  • I have my name engraved on the collar. Other data can also be engraved if requested. The collar is not tight, doesn't pinch or scrape – saddlers have smoothed the collar edges.

I like to wear hand-stitched Slade Czech collars with the beautiful aroma of cowhide. Hmmm!

Are you afraid that your master or mistress will envy you? Make them happy: saddlers also sew for people. Your human friend can buy Slade Czech leather bracelets, wallets, keychains, dog tags and leather accessories with the Staffordshire logo and engraved with the name of the owner. Terrific gifts!

Select an original leather collar, leash and harness. Become King of the pack.

  • WL05

    Does your master or mistress use loyalty or payment cards? Maybe he or she does not carry a wallet? But where does one put all those cards? They can fall out of a pocket. Bark him or her the news of the Duplex Slim – up to 4 cards fit into this wallet.

    The Duplex Slim Wallet is made of wood and leather, in dimensions of 95 × 65 mm. Cards can be slipped into two identical leather pockets on both sides of the wallet, which can even be engraved with a monogram.

    Together with your owner, choose the colour of leather, and a monogram, and order a Duplex Slim Wallet.

    Ken Ken

    $ 38.63
  • K06

    Having a Staffie is a matter of the heart. We have our legend as well as our symbol – the Staffie Knot. People already know our symbol. Which comes in handy!

    For example, when the master forgets the keys to his flat in a restaurant. Fortunately, the attached keyring is in the shape of a heart, with Staffie Knot metalwork. The personnel of the enterprise immediately knows who the keys belong too. Thanks to this, the keys are quickly returned to the master.

    Do you have several keys? Order keyrings in different colours, one for each key. Be equipped with Staffie Heart Keyrings.

    Ken Ken

    $ 11.31
  • W09

    Maybe your owner goes astray from time to time? Then it is advisable for him to carry on his person a telephone number, or at least a name, so that good citizens can show him the right way home.

    Order the 2 mm leather Identity Bracelet in natural colour for your master or mistress. The fastening is either magnetic or mechanical; saddlers will engrave any text on it.

    Submit an original text for your owner’s new accessory, order the Identity Bracelet and he or she will never go astray again.

    Ken Ken

    $ 21.46
  • H01

    Once while out on a walk I was enjoying a beautiful day. But the neighbour’s Rex ruined it. He sprang at me yet again. I wanted to show my strength to him, but my master kept me firmly on the lead. As I pulled forward, I almost got strangled. And Rex? He was laughing at me. So I persuaded my master to buy a leather dog harness for me.

    Slade Czech saddlers sew them so that they would not press uncomfortably anywhere. I chose My Hero: it has Clincher Link, 4 Staffie knots and 2 Dog Head Rounds. Change a collar for comfort. Select size, colour of metal finishing and leather.

    Ken Ken

    $ 93.25
  • MUZZ1

    Sometimes you are just in a bad mood, for example when the Greyhound you bet on finishes last. But one must always go for a walk. Complete your outfit with a Staffie style Buckler muzzle, so that passers-by don’t needlessly provoke you. It will put you at ease.

    The muzzle is decorated with Clincher Link metalwork and 2 gold- or silver-coloured Staffie Knots. Made of genuine leather, the muzzle fits like a glove.

    Choose the colour – and make your day. Wear a Buckler muzzle.

    Ken Ken

    $ 56.96
  • „What are you wearing around your neck?“ a canine pal asked me once.„A hand-stitched collar from Slade Czech workshop — sniff the cowhide“ I reply.

    „Hmmm, leather? I have a plastic one but it’s already coming apart,“ Ben says enviously. I show him the legendary Staffordshire knot and Clincher Link metal fittings. Honest manual work. Do you want to be a pure-blood Staffie?

    Get a hand-stitched Hot Shot leather collar: choose the dimensions, colour of ironwork and leather. Be gallant.

    Ken Ken

    $ 31.21
  • A new track for skaters has been built in the local park. Next to it, there is a cycle path. As soon as my master found out, he hurried to Slade Czech for a lead made from 4 mm cowhide and we set off for a run. I do not need to think which side to take: my master leads me. Thanks to the hand-stitched Slade Czech Badger´s Strip leash with a line of Clincher Links and 2 Staff Knots I have already avoided a collision with those madmen on wheels many times.

    Badger´s Strip is an honest hand-made lead. You cannot tear this one. Surprise the sportsmen outside, and not only them. Choose the size, colour of ironwork as well as the leather.

    Ken Ken

    $ 27.31
  • We went to the dog show. I saw the most beautiful female in the world. I had never seen a livelier bull terrier. She walked with her mistress directly towards us. I started to bark with Rita. She admired my show set. We agreed on a date, I showed her the range of Slade Czech saddlers. Their manufacture from leather astonished her.

    Be dressed to kill in Bowline – a thin show lead with a swivel and a tightening sleeve. Choose the site, colour of metal fittings and the leather. Set out to the dog show and take home gold.

    Ken Ken

    $ 12.10
  • When I provided my four-legged friends with genuine Staffie collars, leashes and other gear, people began to envy us. The Staffordshire Knot, decorative metal and quality cowhide are symbols of charm. However, Slade Czech saddlers also sew for people. Are you and your doggie friend an inseparable couple? Wear leather, put on My Staffie. A leather, hand-stitched bracelet decorated with Clincher Link and two Staffie Knots.

    Stick with tradition, show the origin of your four-legged friend. Select the leather colour, metal finish and stitching, choose the size and type of fastening. Wear My Staffie with the Staffie symbol on your wrist.

    Ken Ken

    $ 23.02
  • A classic tag with a picture and text on both sides

    We Staffies don’t have to wear an identity card. We prefer a proper piece of jewellery. For my walks with my master I wear a round Plate dog tag. It is made of a massive 2-mm thick piece of copper with hand-wrought edges. I had my symbol, name and address engraved on it by Slade Czech saddlers – in case I forget where I live.

    „What picture will you have made on the front side? And what text will you have engraved on the front and back?“

    Buy something proper to put on your neck. Shine on the street in your new finery: select Staffie Plate dog tag.

    Ken Ken

    $ 13.66
  • Public transport is so much fun. So many different sounds, voices and smells! Even though I have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, I cannot tell all these impressions apart. I’d love to learn more about my fellow travellers but my master is holding me tight on a lead, after all, we have to follow the rules here. I simply have to behave myself on the tram and bus.

    Be a docile Staffie too. Get a hand-stitched Slade Czech leather leash with a line of Clincher Links, which allows you to be led by your master. Get the admiration of other travellers. Choose the size, colour of ironwork and leather.

    Ken Ken

    $ 27.31
  • I have been wearing leather collars for a long time. Cowhide pleasantly rests on the neck and doesn’t scratch. As a natural product, it needs maintenance. Slade Czech offers beeswax for collars, leads and bracelets. It softens leather, enhancing its colour and structure, while smoothing the surface.

    Treat cowhide with Beeswax to create a protective wax film. This protects leather against moisture and drying, and prolongs its lifespan. The wax has a honey aroma and contains almond and coconut oil.

    Get Beeswax with the aroma of nature.

    Ken Ken

    $ 7.73
  • Vaquera is the neighbour’s little girl dog. Before she wore a collar for big dogs, her paws buckled under its weight. I barked at my master about her problem. He recommended the neighbour a speciality from Slade Czech – a set of collar and lead especially for puppies called Baby Doll. The gentle cowhide with smooth edges does not squeeze little doggie ears. There are no metal fittings on the collar so it’s comfy for males and female puppies alike. But the Staffie style is preserved – the collar is decorated by stamped Staff Knots.

    Do you have a puppy around? Recommend the stylish Baby Doll to its master. Just choose the colour.

    Ken Ken

    $ 23.02

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