Hi, I’m Ken

My master and colleagues have a Slade Czech saddler’s workshop. They sew dog collars, leashes and harnesses. I already have several of them. Are you also a Staffie? Buy a collar made of quality cowhide with legendary Staffordshire style metal finishing.


  • Saddlers hand-sew triple-layer cowhide. Choose from 7 colours of leather. Dog ladies, these are also suitable for you!
  • Collars are decorated with our symbol – the legendary Staffordshire Knot. Saddlers complement it with snazzy metal work in chrome and brass. My doggie friends all over the world also enjoy this quality manufacture.
  • I have my name engraved on the collar. Other data can also be engraved if requested. The collar is not tight, doesn't pinch or scrape – saddlers have smoothed the collar edges.

I like to wear hand-stitched Slade Czech collars with the beautiful aroma of cowhide. Hmmm!

Are you afraid that your master or mistress will envy you? Make them happy: saddlers also sew for people. Your human friend can buy Slade Czech leather bracelets, wallets, keychains, dog tags and leather accessories with the Staffordshire logo and engraved with the name of the owner. Terrific gifts!

Select an original leather collar, leash and harness. Become King of the pack.

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