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„Beware of the dog!“ is a sign which informs uninvited visitors to be alert. I double dog dare you to try stepping on my territory! The silver warning sign with the English words “ Beware of the Stafford ” is made of zinc alloy and has embossed letters for better readability.

Bark at your master until he or she attaches the 5 x 18 cm sign which is 0.5 cm thick on the door or fence so that all rascals will stay far away from your territory.

Show who is guarding your home. Get a Dog Warning Sign.

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$ 15.22

Beware of the Dog!

  • Warning sign „ Beware of the Stafford “ to inform visitors about an excited dog living in the house.
  • The sign is made of zinc alloy, silver coloured, with embossed letters for easy reading.
  • Size: 5 cm / 18 cm / 0.5 cm
Beware of the Stafford

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