Beeswax for leather


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I have been wearing leather collars for a long time. Cowhide pleasantly rests on the neck and doesn’t scratch. As a natural product, it needs maintenance. Slade Czech offers beeswax for collars, leads and bracelets. It softens leather, enhancing its colour and structure, while smoothing the surface.

Treat cowhide with Beeswax to create a protective wax film. This protects leather against moisture and drying, and prolongs its lifespan. The wax has a honey aroma and contains almond and coconut oil.

Get Beeswax with the aroma of nature.

Ken Ken

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$ 7.73

Beeswax for Leather

  • Softens leather perfectly, enhances colour and texture and smooths the surface.
  • Protects against moisture, forms a protective waxy film which covers the leather, preventing cracking and mechanical damage.
  • Made entirely from natural ingredients — fine beeswax, almond and coconut oil.
  • Significantly prolongs the life of leather products.

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