Staffordshire Bull Terrier clip

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Are you devoted to Staffies? Let the world know. My master and other breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terriers proudly show their affiliation to others.

Wear a symbol of your canine friend on your jacket lapel. The clip is die cast zinc alloy, also available in gold and silver variants. Are you going to a dog show? Use the clip to attach your exhibition number too.

Choose the colour and get a Staffordshire Bull Terrier clip. Show who you are.

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Staffie Clip

  • Breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very proud of the fact that they can wear a symbol of their dog on their jacket lapel.
  • Characteristic dog's head is cast in zinc alloy, in gold and silver colours.
  • It is possible to attach an exhibition number on this clip at Dog Shows.
  • Size 2 cm / 2 cm
Staffie Clip
Decorative rivets Dog Head Staff

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