Earthworm Show Set

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My second dog show. Last time I won, this time there are more participants. But my master counted on this in advance so I’m very well groomed. He also bought even better accessories for me – the new premium Earthworm show set – consisting of a 61 cm long lead made from rounded leather and a round collar cross-stitched along the entire perimeter, with chrome and brass fittings and a chain fastening. A hand-made cowhide masterpiece.

I defended my victory, earning gold again, and a big wreath of sausages too! I’m no beast: I share my winnings with others. Be the best Staffie, choose.

Ken Ken

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Product Options
Fitting colour
Leather colour
Night Blue
Night Blue
Neck size
32 cm (12 5/8")
34 cm (13 3/8")
36 cm (14 3/16")
38 cm (14 15/16")
40 cm (15 3/4")
42 cm (16 9/16")
44 cm (17 5/16")
46 cm (18 1/8")
48 cm (18 7/8")
Lead length
61 cm (24")
92 cm (36 1/4")
122 cm (48")

$ 56.96

How do I choose the perfect Show Set for a Champion?

  • Premium show set composed of a lead and round leather collar, cross-stitched around the whole circumference.
  • Lead is made of 5 mm thick rounded leather in 61 cm or 92 cm length.
  • The collar of 10 mm round cross-section is put on by pulling it over the dog's head.
  • Saddle-stitched by hand with strong waxed thread.
  • Differences in leather shade or design are not faults, but a guarantee of the genuineness of the natural material.
  • It is important to care for leather products. If not regularly treated, this can result in a shorter lifetime.
  • To keep leather soft and supple, we recommend waxing the collar before first wear with original Slade Czech Beeswax.
  • Tested on animals – especially dogs.

How do I measure a dog to choose the correct collar size?

  • Neck circumference is an important measurement for the manufacture of a check collar.
  • Measure the dog's neck circumference in the centre of the neck. Use a measuring tape, pulled tightly, so that it neither strangles nor is too loose. Do not add or subtract any centimetres.
  • The measured value corresponds to the "neck circumference" which you select when submitting your order.
  • A slip collar / half-check collar is not buckled, but is pulled over the head of the dog. It will encircle the neck tightly in the tightened state.

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