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Hand-wrought edges and double-sided engraving

Well, my friend, Circle – that is the dog tag for a proper Staffie stud or a babe. Just as people show off with their metal watches, for a change I have a modern round dog tag. I had it made from 2mm brass: it has hand-wrought edges and deluxe hole – e.g for a snap hook.

Slade Czech saddlers will engrave the text on both sides at your request. I had my den’s name and address engraved there. In case any girl would lure me away – you know, women.

Excel. Clip a modern brass Staffie Circle dog tag on your neck. Think about the text for engraving and order.

Ken Ken

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HOW DO I CREATE A TEXT FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A DOG TAG? Select the width of the collar to display the maximum number of text lines for the manufacture of the dog ID tag. Click "Preview" to see what the tag will look like. Don't forget to "Save" the text. After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.


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How do I create the perfect Dog Tag?

  • About one in three dogs gets lost or runs away during his/her lifetime. If the dog has no identification, there is nowhere to return him / her if found. At best he/ she will end up in an animal shelter.
  • Made of solid 2 mm thick brass, gold colour.
  • Hand-hammered edges.
  • Diameter: 33 mm
  • Due to oxidation, blue-green patina forms on brass surfaces. Restoring the surface of brass items is possible with metal polish, or a mixture of salt and lemon. However, patina adds beauty and originality to the brass tag.

How do I create a text for the manufacture of a Dog Tag?

  • Fill the text fields. Names of fields correspond to text position on the tag.
  • Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.
  • Check what the tag will look like by clicking "Preview". Don't forget to "Save" the text.
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