Identity Belt

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Have you equipped your master with an engraved bracelet? Complete his wardrobe with an Identity belt in a similar style. Perhaps his whole surname will fit on it. The saddler will engrave any text on the belt, even the name of the master’s girlfriend.

The belt is made of 4 mm leather, has 2 loops, is 40 mm wide, with 5 holes, a metal buckle in silver or gold colour, and 1 or 2 tongues.

Choose the colour of leather, order the Identity Belt and head out among your friends.

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Product Options
Fitting colour
Leather colour
Night Blue
Belt length    * Required
64 cm (25")
66 cm (26")
69 cm (27")
71 cm (28")
74 cm (29")
75 cm (30")
79 cm (31")
81 cm (32")
84 cm (33")
86 cm (34")
89 cm (35")
91 cm (36")
94 cm (37")
97 cm (38")
99 cm (39")
102 cm (40")
104 cm (41")
107 cm (42")
109 cm (43")

HOW DO I CREATE A TEXT FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A DOG TAG? Select the width of the collar to display the maximum number of text lines for the manufacture of the dog ID tag. Click "Preview" to see what the tag will look like. Don't forget to "Save" the text. After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.


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$ 66.33

How do I choose the perfect belt?

  • Sophisticated functional design, combining stylish appearance and originality.
  • A personal gift that will please!
  • Made from fine 4 mm thick leather.
  • Hand-stitched using strong waxed saddlery thread.
  • Tested on humans.
Belt size
Personalized product Engraving
Buckle / Clasp Buckle

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