Gift vouchers €150 / $200 / CZK 4000


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Make the birthday boy or girl happy with the gift of his/her choice. Let him or her choose! Gift vouchers in the amount of 150 Euro / 200 Dollars / 4000 Czech Crowns serve for the purchase of, for example, 1) a Two Heads standard collar + 2) a Skunk's fail lead + 3) a Staffie Knott keychain + 4) a My Staffy bracelet + 5) a Bowline show set, or anything else from the Staffie e-shop.

Does this seem like too little? Choose a voucher for a higher amount or get two straight away.

Bring joy with a gift your friends can choose themselves. Give a voucher.

What present can one give a Staffie breeder? Let him or her choose. Give a voucher for Slade Czech fine leather products. Choose the amount according to the contents of your wallet. Please a friend.

Ken Ken

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$ 200.00

What’s the best way to use your gift voucher? Read the rules

  • When you purchase a gift voucher, you receive credit equivalent to its full monetary value. Give it to your friends.
  • The validity of the gift voucher is 12 months.
  • It is possible to buy any goods at with the voucher.
  • In the instance that the total value of order exceeds the value of the gift voucher, the buyer will pay the difference.
  • Should the total value of order be less than the value of the gift voucher, the remaining credit will still be available to the buyer for future orders until the voucher expires.
  • Should the buyer return goods equivalent to the full or partial value of the voucher, this amount will remain available to the buyer for future orders until the voucher expires.
  • Gift vouchers are not transferable. It is not possible to exchange them for cash or another form of money.
  • The operator of e-shop does not bear liability for loss, theft or misuse of the voucher.
  • The operator of e-shop reserves the right to cancel the gift voucher in exceptional circumstances. In such an instance, the money paid for the voucher would be returned.

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