Mandible Keyring

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Where can you hide a key if you don’t have a pocket handy? Click! Attach it to the loop of trousers. Or on a piece of a leather lace around your neck. Like my master when we go for a walk lightly clothed, for example, to the beach. He used to carry the keys in his hand but lost them occasionally. Now he has Mandible keyring. Slade Czech saddlers sewed it from natural cowhide and added a trigger hook.

You can easily attach the keyring and never lose bunch of keys again.

Choose from 3 colours of leather and get a Mandible keychain.

Ken Ken

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Fitting colour
Leather colour
Night Blue

$ 11.51

Leather Keyring with Trigger Hook

  • Original accessory – leather keyring.
  • Made of 4 mm thick leather.
  • Length: 12 cm, width 3 cm
  • Hand-stitched using strong waxed saddlery thread.
  • Tested on keys.
Leather Keyring with Trigger Hook
Buckle / Clasp Snap hooks
Buckle / Clasp Ring

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