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I go running with my master: it’s great although it’s a bit annoying to hear the jingle of keys attached to his trousers. And when he hangs the bunch of keys on his neck, it’s no better: The keys swing and tinkle. Where else could he keep them?

Slade Czech saddlers sewed the Circular keyring from fragrant cowhide and stamped it with the inscription, “I Love My Staffy”. The keys are silent now. Unscrew the Circular keychain, place the keys inside, screw. For more keys, use the longer screw: there are four lengths in the kit.

Get rid of the bothersome jingling, protect your pockets from fraying.

Get Circular keyring, give keys a chance.

Ken Ken

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$ 13.62

Circular Key Holder

  • Original, simple, functional key holder with „ I Love MY STAFFY “ stamped logo.
  • Made of 4 mm thick leather.
  • 4 different length screws for correct adjustment according to the number of keys.
  • Size 9 cm / 2 cm
  • Tested on keys.
Circular Key Holder
Personalized product Stamp
Buckle / Clasp Ring

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