Free Hand Leash for Different Activities

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Training can be tough. It takes me a moment sometimes to understand my master’s commands. This just makes me all the more delighted though when I see his joyful face. At that moment I know that everything is all right. Training would be even harder without the special lead for training, walking and tracking.

The free Hand leash with a line of Clincher Links and 2 Tip Daisies has a trigger hook at both ends. It enables easy switching to several different lengths: perfect for training. Try me and learn. Choose the size, colour of metal fittings as well as the leather.

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Product Options
Fitting colour
Leather colour
Night Blue
Stitching colour
Lead length
180 cm (70 7/8")
220 cm (86 5/8")
Lead width
13 mm (1/2")
16 mm (5/8")
19 mm (3/4")

$ 66.72

How do I choose the correct leash for different activities?

  • The leash for training, walking and tracking has a trigger hook on both ends, which enables adjustment of the leash to several different lengths, shortening or lengthening it as required.
  • It is possible to walk two dogs at once on the leash.
  • The leash is made of 4 mm thick cowhide.
  • Gold or silver trigger hooks with swivels for free rotation.
  • Decorated in characteristic Staffie-style gold or silver coloured metalwork.
  • Saddle-stitched by hand with saddlery thread; the stitches are anchored in grooves to protect the thread from abrasion.
  • Differences in leather shade or design are not faults, but a guarantee of the genuineness of the natural material.
  • It is important to care for leather products. If not regularly treated, this can result in a shorter lifetime.
  • To keep leather soft and supple, we recommend waxing the collar before first wear with original Slade Czech Beeswax.
  • Tested on animals – especially dogs.

How do I choose the correct length and width of lead?

  • A shorter, 61-cm lead is more suitable for Dog Shows.
  • The classic 92 cm length is best for walks.
  • The 180 cm or 220 cm lead is best suited for other activities, such as training and outings in the countryside.
  • The lead width should correspond with the collar width.
Buckle / Clasp Snap hooks
Decorative rivets 1 line Clincher Link
Decorative rivets Staff Knot
Decorative rivets 1 line Clincher Link

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