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What would you wish for if you met a magic goldfish? Many of the people I and my master asked said “ Pots of money! ” Well, but where to put it? Divide it up into several bank accounts, just to be sure. And then set yourself up with credit cards and a few banknotes to have some “small change” for coffee.

Toss your old podgy wallet in the bin, and buy a hand-stitched Goldfish made of fragrant cowhide. Tuck your credit cards into four pockets, and use the two interior pockets to accommodate banknotes and receipts.

Choose from several colours of leather and select the colour of the stitching. Give a Goldfish wallet to somebody you know. It’s also convenient for ladies!

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How do I choose the perfect purse?

  • Elegant lady's purse with 4 pockets for credit cards and 2 more inside pockets for banknotes, bills or other cards.
  • Size: 19 cm / 9 cm / 1 cm
  • Made from fine 1 mm thick leather.
  • Space-saving, light, original design, with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier silhouette stamped on the leather.
  • Hand-stitched using strong waxed saddlery thread.
  • We recommend waxing the wallet before first use with original Slade Czech Beeswax, to keep it soft and supple.
  • Tested on money and humans.
Peněženka Goldfish

Design your own logo!

  • If you are interested, we can stamp your own logo, image, initials, etc. on your wallet.
  • Send us the artwork, write or call, and together we can create the die.
  • The die is yours after manufacture; we send it to you together with the wallet.
  • The price of the die creation depends on the size and complexity.
Personalized product Stamp
Personalized product Engraving

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