Imagine the scene: a dim dark cell, almost like a cellar in a horror movie. Literally a "Hole"Bang! Bang! Crash! In the lamplight glow, the pounding of saddlers' tools can be heard. "Grrr! You woke me up again!" a sleepy Staffie growls in the corner.

Cold, damp almost as if in a rainforest, with the saddlers' goggles becoming moist with dew. Wipers would not be out of place on the windowpanes.

"Hurry, hurry, a delivery! But where did I put the customer's order?" One of the saddlers scurries around the workshop. Like Pampalini, the legendary hunter, he is hunting down the piece of paper with the order. So many things and so little space! It is a small miracle that this team is able to work, to manufacture items and even to deliver them in time to customers. Who is in the team? This slumbering dog, that's our Ken. The aforementioned team of saddlers? Well, we are it! That's how it was. Until the time when the harsh environment of the dark 'hole' almost caused a community of patients. Aching backs, rheumatism, deteriorating eyesight.

"That's it, gentlemen! This has to stop! This is the end!" Stop. Finíto. The end. Fin. We ceased the saddlery manufacture — and relocated to a new workshop. It was hard labour to sort out, pack up, load, transport, unpack and rearrange everything. Heavy machines, tools, instruments, a lot of material, unfinished orders for collars, leads and dog tags for impatient Staffies and their masters and mistresses.

Voila! We did it!

Bang! Bang! Crash! In the glow of the large shining windows, the pounding of saddlers' tools resounds. "Grrr! You woke me up again!" Sleepy Ken the Staffie protests in his new kennel. So that's nothing new.

But the premises! Clean, bright, warm, the aroma of coffee. Pure contentment. We relish it. And so do our clients. Now we have as much space for our orders as in the Sahara. The handwork flourishes. We whistle as we work.

In the new workshop, everything runs like clockwork. This means that we manage to manufacture even more collars, leads and other necessities for dog connoisseurs, as well as wallets, coasters, bracelets and keychains for humans. Would you also like some?

Pour les chiens

„Ouah, Ken, où as-tu trouvé ces beaux trucs?“ Une belle Staffordshire Bull Terrier m'a posé la question il y a quelques jours. Depuis que je suis si bien habillé, les femelles sont régulièrement à mes pieds. Le collier fait à la main, en cuir de vachette qui sent très bon, avec une ferrure brillante et décoré par un nœud du Staffordshire attire l’attention.

Les colliersles laisses et les harnais pour chiens sont également fabriqués par les ouvriers bourreliers de Slade Czech en cuir aux joyeux coloris pour les dames canines. Choisis une plaque d’identification canine comme accessoire. Fais ton choix.


Pour les hommes

Où est mon collier? Je me demande. Ah oui mon maître me l’a pris et le porte à la place de son bracelet. Une fois de plus ! Alors j’ai demandé aux maîtres bourreliers d’inventer des accessoires en cuir également pour les humains. Regarde les bracelets à mettre aux poignées en vachette en couleur, des porte-clés et des pendentifs de clés avec une bonne odeur, des portefeuilles en cuir, des sous-verres. Tout cela dans le style Staffordshire. Fais ton choix.