The dog and its vision are a mystery to many people. Some believe that dogs are colorblind and can only see in black and white, but that's not entirely true. If you're interested in how your four-legged friend sees the world, read on for some information.

First, let's look at the difference between human and dog vision. Both eyes are similar, but they differ in the number of cells that perceive light - rods and cones. The rods in the human eye can perceive less light and allow us to see in black and white, while cones are more sensitive to light and allow us to perceive colors. In dogs, cones are only sensitive to blue and yellow, while they see green and red very weakly. This means that dogs are not colorblind but only see colors in a limited spectrum.

Another difference is the number of rods in the eye. Dogs have more rods in their eyes, which allows them to see in the darkest conditions and distinguish different shades of gray. For this reason, dogs are better at finding their way in the dark or finding prey in the forest.

Speaking of colors, we must realize that dogs see colors in a different spectrum than humans. Not only do they only see blue and yellow, but they also don't have the ability to distinguish shades of color like humans. This means that a dog may have trouble finding a red ball on green grass, but a blue ball should not be a problem.

Are you wondering how far dogs can see? The distance they see is also different from humans. Dogs have sharper vision but can only focus up to six meters away. If called from a longer distance, they rely more on their hearing and sense of smell.

In conclusion, dogs see the world differently than humans. They see colors in a limited spectrum, have better night vision, and distinguish shades of gray.

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