Ah, the humble leather belt! The production process is a bit like a wild west showdown between man and beast, but with a little less gun-slinging and a lot more tanning.

First, the cow is called to the saloon (aka the slaughterhouse) and put out to pasture (aka put out of its misery). The cowhide is then removed from the body and taken to a nearby tannery, where it's treated with all sorts of potions and elixirs to turn it into leather.

The leather is then stretched, cut, and punched with a variety of tools and gadgets, which can make it feel like the leather is getting a good old-fashioned cowboy whoopin'. But fear not, the leather is a tough old hide and can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.

Finally, the leather is dyed and adorned with buckles and studs, transforming it into a stylish and sturdy belt that can withstand all sorts of cowboy shenanigans. And there you have it, partner, the production of a leather belt!

For Dogs

Woof, Ken, where did you get such finery? marvelled a pretty Staffordshire Bull Terrier a few days ago. Since then, dressed to the nines, I regularly break girls’ hearts. A hand-stitched collar in fragrant cowhide decorated in shiny metal with a Staffordshire knot simply attracts the ladies.

Collarsleashes and other canine harness made by Slade Czech saddlers are also available in bright colours for canine ladies. Don’t forget a dog tag to complete the outfit.Take your pick.


For humans

Where's my collar? I wonder. I see the master has pinched it to wear like a bracelet. Again! So I asked the master saddlers and we devised leather accessories for humans too. Check out the bracelets in colourful cowhide, aromatic keyrings and keychainsleather wallets and coasters. Everything in Staffie style. Make your choice.