You know, dogs have their own version of a reality show called "Survival in Your Apartment". Every day, they try to find out what their sharp teeth can survive and what ends up in a burnt shoe. It's their way of having fun, as if they're saying, "Today we chew slippers, tomorrow it will be furniture!"

But seriously, puppies are just curious, and by chewing, they explore the world around them. At the same time, it helps them with teething, so it's a natural process. However, to avoid dental terrorism even in adulthood, it's good to be prepared.

Firstly, hide all valuable items so they're out of reach for dogs. Provide your pup with toys that are specifically designed for them and safe, to redirect their attention from your favorite carpet.

And remember, dogs are smart creatures. When you clearly tell them "No!" or "Fuh!", they will soon understand what is allowed and what is not. And of course, it's important to spend time with them and give them attention so they don't feel abandoned. Otherwise, they might resort to room demolition in the hope of finding a secret entrance to another dimension where you are still with them.

So whether you offer your dog physical or mental activity, you'll see that they will be much happier and won't have time for behind-the-scenes demolition.

But what if your adult dog still tears and chews everything they can get their snout on? Well, that's probably because they're bored. They need more action! Short walks around the block simply don't fulfill them. So make them happy and take them on longer trips where they can really let loose and get tired.

But what about those who aren't running enthusiasts? Well, I have good news for you too. Dogs can get mentally tired! Teach them new tricks, let them search for hidden treasures, and train them to differentiate between their own toys. Trust me, a dog that has to think is much calmer. They definitely won't disrupt your peace at home.

Living with a dog requires being prepared for endless entertainment and occasional mischief. And don't forget, at the end of the day, whether they chew our shoes or not, they are our best friends!

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