Public transport is so much fun. So many different sounds, voices and smells! Even though I have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, I cannot tell all these impressions apart. I’d love to learn more about my fellow travellers but my master is holding me tight on a lead, after all, we have to follow the rules here. I simply have to behave myself on the tram and bus.

Be a docile Staffie too. Get a hand-stitched Slade Czech leather leash with a line of Clincher Links, which allows you to be led by your master. Get the admiration of other travellers. Choose the size, colour of ironwork and leather.

Ken More

Manufacturer: Slade Czech Product code: L01

42 EUR Incl. VAT
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custom made

Black colour of fittings

Doggies who love the vintage scuffed and patinated style will choose the black colour of the fittings. Scratches and scuffs caused by everyday use contribute to the original look. The patina does not affect the durability or functionality of the product.

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For Dogs

Woof, Ken, where did you get such finery? marvelled a pretty Staffordshire Bull Terrier a few days ago. Since then, dressed to the nines, I regularly break girls’ hearts. A hand-stitched collar in fragrant cowhide decorated in shiny metal with a Staffordshire knot simply attracts the ladies.

Collarsleashes and other canine harness made by Slade Czech saddlers are also available in bright colours for canine ladies. Don’t forget a dog tag to complete the outfit.Take your pick.


For humans

Where's my collar? I wonder. I see the master has pinched it to wear like a bracelet. Again! So I asked the master saddlers and we devised leather accessories for humans too. Check out the bracelets in colourful cowhide, aromatic keyrings and keychainsleather wallets and coasters. Everything in Staffie style. Make your choice.